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Import and Export Compliance is Key to Our Success
At PCF, we have strict compliance procedures and protocols for U.S. and overseas laws and regulations. We are always in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which we are operating, shipping or providing supply chains services in.
Import and Export Regulations
If there is a shipment going to an overseas location, shippers must be aware of the overseas regulations if we are not handling customs clearance or door delivery.
Likewise, if there is an import, we ask you questions to minimize the potential of delays due to US Customs or other governmental organizations.
We are capable of handling any L/C (letter of credit) shipment for import or export.
Compliance Software
We have state of the art compliance software that cross-checks all parties to a shipment to ensure there is no individual, entity or government that is on a denied parties list. We check against the Treasury’s OFAC SDN list, Consolidated Screening List among others. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure they are not transacting with a block person or entity, PCF is doing so for its own internal compliance requirements.
Code of Conduct
PCF Code of Conduct defines everything we do, everyday. We have strict laws on privacy, ethics and professional behavior with our customers, vendors and suppliers, government authorities, fellow employees, and competitors.
Protecting Your Assets
We protect your trade secrets, business practices and any other intellectual property or competitive advantage you own that can affect your business operations.
Competition and Conflicts of Interest
We have strict guidelines on avoiding anti-competitive behavior which are against our company’s Codes of Conduct. We operate in a way that avoids conflicts of interest that sometimes rise between the interests of an employee and its employer.
Ask your PCF representative for any compliance related questions.

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