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PCF has been involved in the domestic and international shipping of automotive spare parts, automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, buses, heavy equipment (such as bull dozers) as well as classic/vintage and high-end luxury cars since its founding in 2015. We understand the automotive supply chain is constantly evolving as industry and company requirements change due to regulatory, geographic or cost related reasons.
Automotive supply chains are complex and constantly evolving to meet competitive challenges in the marketplace. Our industry experts will scope out your requirements and identify problems with innovative and forward thinking solutions to improve operational excellence, reduce costs, increase visibility and meet time critical and expedited requirements.
Automotive Logistics solutions include:
•   Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding
•   Customs Brokerage Services
•   Warehousing and Distribution
•   Pick and Pack, Repacking, Kitting, and Assembly
•   IT and Vendor Management
•   Domestic Haulage/Trucking
•   Containerized Loading and Securing
•   RORO service
Our extensive global logistics network, technology solutions and industry experts contribute to a value-added supply chain for your automotive needs.
Vehicle Transportation
Whether you have complete build units (CBU) or complete knock downs (CKD), we have the services you need as an OEM, whether they are initial prototypes, concept cars or complete ready to sell vehicles.
Inbound Automotive Logistics
PCF’s inbound services provide U.S. and international car manufacturing and assembly plants with the raw materials and parts to produce finished goods. We provide consolidation of products from various suppliers along your supply chain (buyer’s console), as well as customs clearance and final delivery services.
Outbound Automotive Logistics
PCF’s Outbound services include cost effective distribution of your goods for production and assembly plants, suppliers, distribution companies. We utilize a hub and spoke multi-modal strategy to meet your time and cost requirements. If you are shipping cars overseas, we have the carrier relationships to meet your requirements, whether you plan to ship containerized or RORO (roll-on, roll-off).
Whether you are shipping cars, motorcycles or related equipment we provide over two years of experience in loading, blocking/bracing, lashing, packing and securing services.

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